Yes folks, it is 2020, so what better title for a poem and indeed this blog post, than “ Visionary” ? From now on, life is going to be all about changing the way we see things, changing the way we do things , in order to survive. I am hoping we can still have some fun along the way.

With mainly fun in mind, I have set myself some “poetry goals”  to get me through the year. Write a poem a day! Submit at least one poem a month! Perform at open mics at least once a month! Keep hosting my Poetry Cocktail Open Mic Night! I know, they are not rocket science but it keeps me writing, which keeps me healthy.

As the 1 January passed, I remembered to check out They post an image at the beginning of each month and you have one hour to write in response to that image and submit. I have been reflecting a lot on the bravery of Greta Thunberg and in my view some of the ill- judged responses to her activism and this came to mind when looking at the drawing they used, together with how quick we all can be to judge what people present on the surface, how interesting it is to look beyond that. Women activists know stuff, they are impatient and at the same time understand human foibles all too well. Often, to be heard,  they have to stand out in ways that society does not quite get – until years later.

I wanted also to write something where the woman was the main protagonist, she is not a passive recipient of  either desire or hate. Here is a brilliant woman who is ahead of her audience and she means business.

Thank you to Visualverse .org for the monthly prompts , the opportunity to write and the joy of sharing it on- line .





By Gail Webb

Gail Webb’s passion for poetry reignited in 2018. Social justice, equality and community singing are close to her heart. A Welsh woman living by the River Trent, she takes inspiration from her origins, nature, family , friends, animals and the Nottingham poetry community. Gail is published in a number of poetry anthologies magazines. Gail published her pamphlet “ The Thrill Of Jumping In” with Big White She’d in 2021. This year she has been busy appearing in Nottingham Poetry Festival events and as Poet In Residence for Lady Bay Arts Trail 2022.

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