Visual Verse: on – line poetry

Sometimes it is great to get inspiration from photos and drawings. That is why Visual appeals , plus the time- limited brief of one hour. It is a good way to focus eyes , head, heart and mind. Surprisingly, the tight timescale squeezes out unexpected imagery , forgotten words and inspiration. Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the art produced, from the comfort of home but always with an international twist.

Here is my poem published October 2019:










By Gail Webb

Gail Webb’s passion for poetry reignited in 2018. Social justice, equality and community singing are close to her heart. A Welsh woman living by the River Trent, she takes inspiration from her origins, nature, family , friends, animals and the Nottingham poetry community. Gail is published in a number of poetry anthologies magazines. Gail published her pamphlet “ The Thrill Of Jumping In” with Big White She’d in 2021. This year she has been busy appearing in Nottingham Poetry Festival events and as Poet In Residence for Lady Bay Arts Trail 2022.

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