I have been feeling lackadaisical- it was only when the word arrived in my in- box from an online dictionary that I was able to recognise my affliction…

“lacking life, spirit, or zest : languid”.

How to depict this in an image? Well, take a look at Panda and you can probably see it in his face , read his body language… So far, I have retained my stuffing and -unlike Panda- my mouth remains firmly in place, so I hope theses are signs of a temporary affliction only. All of which is merely an excuse for my sloth – like posting pace.

I will now make up for this by doing at least two posts! Thereby proving that you can  lash Lackadaisical to  a pole and dance around it with Energy.

Panda is 60 years old and very wise. Panda 🐼 suggests that I should no more, “ alack the day” , but jolly well just get on with it!


By Gail Webb

Gail Webb’s passion for poetry reignited in 2018. Social justice, equality and community singing are close to her heart. A Welsh woman living by the River Trent, she takes inspiration from her origins, nature, family , friends, animals and the Nottingham poetry community. Gail is published in a number of poetry anthologies magazines. Gail published her pamphlet “ The Thrill Of Jumping In” with Big White She’d in 2021. This year she has been busy appearing in Nottingham Poetry Festival events and as Poet In Residence for Lady Bay Arts Trail 2022.

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