I have been feeling lackadaisical- it was only when the word arrived in my in- box from an online dictionary that I was able to recognise my affliction…

“lacking life, spirit, or zest : languid”.

How to depict this in an image? Well, take a look at Panda and you can probably see it in his face , read his body language… So far, I have retained my stuffing and -unlike Panda- my mouth remains firmly in place, so I hope theses are signs of a temporary affliction only. All of which is merely an excuse for my sloth – like posting pace.

I will now make up for this by doing at least two posts! Thereby proving that you can  lash Lackadaisical to  a pole and dance around it with Energy.

Panda is 60 years old and very wise. Panda 🐼 suggests that I should no more, “ alack the day” , but jolly well just get on with it!


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