Write Like A Girl Anthology, Nottingham.

I have been so thrilled to be part of this writing project and now to take part in the launch of the anthology on Monday 29th April 2019 at the New Art Exchange, Hyson Green, Nottingham. It has been so interesting to remind ourselves how much freedom we have in the UK to read what we like, speak our minds and how important it is to value this freedom of expression. It has been hard won by the women that came before us – those who took risks in pushing social, political and literary boundaries. We need to carry forth their Independent spirit , their determination to publish and be heard, the power of direct action and their faith in women’s voices.

The anthology pays homage to Susannah Wright, Mary Howick, Dorothy Whipple, Helen Cresswell,  writers  from the past , and to our living poet Panya Banjoko. Now is the time to celebrate these writers for their willingness to be radical, to shape new ideas and give women from ordinary backgrounds a voice.

Contributors to the Anthology have come from a wide range of backgrounds and writing groups, all tutored and encouraged by the lovely Helen Cross and now the work is being published. I think I write like a woman, but with the heart of a girl and  with the resilience of all the girls before me. Thank you for this opportunity. 🗣🎉


By Gail Webb

Gail Webb’s passion for poetry reignited in 2018. Social justice, equality and community singing are close to her heart. A Welsh woman living by the River Trent, she takes inspiration from her origins, nature, family , friends, animals and the Nottingham poetry community. Gail is published in a number of poetry anthologies magazines. Gail published her pamphlet “ The Thrill Of Jumping In” with Big White She’d in 2021. This year she has been busy appearing in Nottingham Poetry Festival events and as Poet In Residence for Lady Bay Arts Trail 2022.

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